Cleveland Gaza, Palestine Rally



Al-Awda Cleveland Rally in support of Gaza, Palestine on 3/16/2012.

Protestors from the Palestinian Cleveland community and their supporters came to Public Square to demonstrate against the recent Israeli bombings on Gaza which left 26 Palestinians dead in 2 days.

There were calls echoed to stop the bombings on Gaza, end the siege, free Hana Al-Shalabi and all Palestinian political prisoners, end Israel’s occupation of Palestine, and free Palestine from the river to the sea!

There was a sense of pride and duty by the energetic protestors to stand in solidarity with their fellow brethren back home in Gaza and all of Palestine.

They came to protest and educate fellow Americans on the streets and their voices were vibrant and heard loud and clear through speeches, talks with the public on the bus stops, and chants while marching in front of Tower City!

The struggle continues!

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One Response to Cleveland Gaza, Palestine Rally

  1. Matt says:

    Amazing you could find 12 other people to help you rally in support of a terrorist.

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