A Letter to Palestinian hero Samer Issawi

A letter to Palestinian hero Samer Issawi during his hunger strike battle.

To my brother Samer:

We have not yet met, but we are relatives, like the rest of the Palestinian people we are of the same blood, scattered all over the world. I am from Deir Yassin and my mother is from Issawiya. I was born and raised in the United States of America, and I am still living there today. Despite this, the love of our homeland has always been with me, as well as my yearning for Palestine, and the dream of our Return.

I co-founded an activist organization for the Right of Return and I am a member of various organizations, among them the Free Samer Issawi Campaign. What I wish to say, is that wherever we are, and wherever we were born or raised, Palestine and Jerusalem are in our blood. Let not the schemes of the jailers weaken you, for we do not forget you even for a second, and our service to you and our thoughts about you are always with you. After all, we are living for the same cause!

You are our heroes and you are the sword of our nation, one cause unites us all, as well as our mother Palestine. We are proud of you and our solidarity is with you, and we hold your hands firmly.

All of us are doing what is within our possibilities so that we can all return and meet on the soil of the homeland.

Abbas Hamideh
Chairman of Al Awda

Arabic Translation:

إلى أخي سامر:
لم نلتق قط ولكننا أقرباء كسائر الفلسطينيين دم واحد مشتت في المنفى , أنا من دير ياسين ووالدتي من العيساويه, ولدت بأمريكا وعشت هناك ومازلت حتى اليوم . ورغم ذلك ما فارقني حبي للوطن يوم أو شوقي لفلسطين و حلم العوده. أسست منظمة ناشطه لحق العوده وأنضم لتنظيمات عده منها التنظيم الدولي لتحرير سامر العيساوي. ما أود قوله أننا أينما كنا أو ولدنا أو تربينا فإن القدس وفلسطين في دمائنا ,فلا يضعفنكم مكر سجانكم فنحن لم ننسكم لحظه و مافارقتم أفئدتنا أوتفكيرنا ,كيف ونحن نحيا لذات الهدف!!, أنتم أبطالنا وسيف أمتنا , تجمعنا قضية واحده وأم واحده “فلسطين” , نفتخر بكم ونتضامن معكم ونشد على أياديكم , كل سيبذل ما بوسعه إلى أن نعود جميعا ونلتقي على أرض الوطن.
عباس حميده
رئيس منظمة العوده

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