Commemorating Haram Al-Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre 20 years later.

Twenty years ago today, we remember the Haram Al Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre that was perpetrated by an American Jewish man from Brooklyn, NY Baruch Goldstein, MD a Yeshiva University graduate in 1977, and a graduate from Albert Einstein college of Medicine with “high honors.”

Dr. Goldstein, who was an emergency room physician occupying an illegal Zionist Jewish settlement in Palestine was dressed in an Israeli military uniform on February 20, 1994 and armed with an American made machine gun, as he entered the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al Khalil (Hebron) with the assistance of the terrorist Israeli army. This crime took place during the holy month of Ramadan as he opened fire in an execution style on kneeling Palestinian Arab worshippers as they were praying and massacred 29 Palestinians and injuring 125 people before he was beaten to death by the unarmed attendees of the mosque.

Since then, the Ibrahimi Mosque has been split in half between Palestinian Muslims and illegal fanatical Jewish colonialists realizing their Zionist aspirations for wanting a Jewish place of worship. Baruch Goldstein’s burial site has served as a pilgrimage site to fanatical Jews since his death. Similar to the tragedy on the Al Ibrahimi Mosque, we feel that the Al Aqsa Mosque is also in jeopardy.


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